The GEO Multi-disciplined Approach

There are many things to share about the benefits of a multi-disciplined approach to whole house inspections, which is precisely what GeoInspections brings to the table to serve you and your home in KC when it comes to home inspections, foundation inspections and mold inspections in Kansas City.

A Little GeoInspections History

I have a B.S. in Geological Engineering, which has served me well in the underlying principles of forces and structural foundations of homes. I practiced as a consulting engineer for 12 years. The Real Estate bug then hit me in the early 2000’s. I gave up my cushy office job for the ultra competitive world of real estate investment and also, in my case, repairs of my own properties. I became very proficient in plumbing, electrical, carpentry and HVAC systems. I began to take on several property owners as clients that needed help with inspections to get their properties ready for both sale and occupancy.

Not only do I have a working knowledge of the repairs of a home but also the cost to do these repairs. One of the aspects of performing home inspections in Kansas City has been that at the conclusion of an inspection my clients are very interested in a general idea of the costs of the repairs. This information is invaluable to help in the negotiation of an acceptable price point in the final sale of the home.

My background has prepared me to be the best advocate for you and your home! Give GeoInspections a call at 816-506-0905 to schedule.