Mold Inspection

Mold Inspections in Lee's Summit and Kansas City

Looking Into Kansas City Mold Inspection?

When it comes to considering having a mold inspection done, remember every homeowner, in Kansas City and throughout the US, should be concerned about the mold in their home. But before you panic too much, remember that mold can be found everywhere (and not just on the jar lid of pasta sauce in the back of your fridge.) Mold is in the air, on plants, in food – it can be on nearly any organic, living substance. Mold can also enter the home through a variety of ways – dog’s feet, kids’ backpacks, HVAC vents – everything has the potential to carry around or otherwise transport mold spores.

We Inspect For Extensive Indoor Mold

It is important to know that while every building has some amount of mold, you need to know if your home has extensive indoor mold. Extensive indoor mold can cause allergies, irritations, asthma, or other serious health concerns, even if you are not typically sensitive to air pollution. In addition to health concerns, excessive indoor mold in the home can cause structural damage to the interior and exterior of your house, as well as harm your furniture and flooring.

Certified Kansas City Mold Inspector from Lee's Summit, MOWe offer mold inspections where we visually examine the most likely areas in and around your home to grow mold. We also look to see what is causing the mold. Typically, the best practice is to stop a source of water and often times, mold will simply go away. We are an Internachi Certified Mold Inspector and would be happy to help you inspect your current or future home for mold.

We are Mold Inspector Certified and are happy to discuss any problems with mold you might have, call us at 816-506-0905.

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